ONCE UPON AN ARTIST. Chapter 1: HEAD 2017-10-19T17:18:41+00:00

Project Description

Once Upon an Artist is a documentary series that narrates the experiences of the artists from a philosophical and poetic view. Each chapter is an interpretation of their work from a different approach. We use the tool of visual metaphor to redraw what our artists tell about their work. All during their work’s process.

In Chapter One, the sculptor Rubén Fuentes Fuertes tells us how hard was to create a 1’5 meter sculpture made of compact quartz. We follow him throughout his inspirational journey.

HEAD is an art piece by COMPAC & Rubén Fuentes Fuertes

Concept by Marc Guardiola and Pepe Ábalos // Direction by Marc Guardiola // Edition by Pepe Ábalos // Cinematography by Marc Guardiola // Production Design by Nadia Montero // Music by Papu Sebastián // Sound Design by Pepe Ábalos // Visual Effects by Marc Guardiola

Shot on Sony FS700 + Odyssey 7Q Plus + Zeiss Lenses

Video sponsored by COMPAC SURFACES