ANTIU XIXONA – 2020 Christmas TV Commercial 2020-11-19T10:26:27+00:00

Project Description

Christmas commercial

20 seconds

Client: Sanchis Mira, S.A.

The creativity of the spot is based on the brand’s classic jingle, which is today considered to be a traditional Christmas carol in Spain. We summon a generation that has been listening to it all their lives through a scene in which the jingle can be heard on the radio. At the same moment, children arrive at the house to sing the song and to earn a piece of delicious Christmas nougat.

Script & Direction: Marc Guardiola

Art Direction: Santi Agustí

Character Design: Santi Agustí & Borja López

Visual Effects: Marc Guardiola

Storyboard: Juan Antonio Valverde

Look Dev: Jonatan Catalán

Visual Development: Jonatan Catalán & Santi Agustí

3D Modelling: Borja López

Environment Modeling: Alejandro Mateo

Additional Environment Modeling: Marc Guardiola

CG Supervisor, Grooming & Simulation: Jonatan Catalán

Shading: Jonatan Catalán & Alejandro Mateo

Character rigging: Héctor Barea

Animator: Javier Pérez

Sound edition: Vincent Barrière

Female voice: Nadia Montero

Sound recording: Carlos Bosch